Vegan does not mean the product is natural and organic

One of the most important principles for Elysian Theory as a company is transparency. We will never throw around trendy buzzwords, in order to mislead you into believing a product is something that it isn’t. Unfortunately the word vegan has been and often continues to be misused, in order to create a false sense of confidence.

Vegan means that no animal by-products were used in the formulation of a product, but it certainly does not mean that it is natural, organic or free from toxins. Believe it or not, It does not even mean that it is cruelty-free. The same care you may take in reading the back of non-vegan products, needs to be practiced in reading the small print of vegan products.

We understand that not everybody has the time to read the small prints, or decipher them, so rest assured that the brands we choose to collaborate with who are vegan, are really that. They are transparent in their formulation and practice, and we are proud to work them. 🌿