Self-care routines can be seen as indulgent, but they are a necessity, especially in a world where we are connected 24/7.
The ultimate goal is to experience the moment and bring balance to your mind and body. Whether it’s for your mental or physical wellbeing, or both, some small additions to your regular routine can really set your mind and body up for the day, or get you into relaxation mode for the evening.

It’s basically a little check in with yourself, during a busy time, or say a bizarre year! (hello 2020-2021), or times where you just live mindlessly. By this I mean where you aren’t really paying attention, when you pick up your phone too much for example. A self-care ritual is intentional and can wake you up from that mindless feeling.
Self-care routines can be seen as indulgent, but they are a necessity, especially in a world where we are connected 24/7! Just as we need to put aside and recharge our electronics, we need to disconnect ourselves from what can feel like an everyday blur and recharge and revitalise ourselves.
Whether its big spa like sessions or lots of little moments, the wellness of your mind and body can be elevated by the simple step of prioritising and being kind to yourself.
Whether you are treating yourself, or looking a self-care gift package for a friend or loved one, we have selected our most popular self-care items to help deliver a healing and rejuvenating experience.
From small self-care gifts such as hand-made vegan soaps, to masks, oils and brushes, Elysian Theory has you covered for whatever way you are looking to relax.

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AMLY - Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: Hearten

Sanctuary in scent
Pure essential oil blend & Rose quartz pot pourri in an elegant glass bowl.
AMLY’s opulent room fragrance set comprises uplifting Pure Essential Oil blend Hearten and Crystal Pot
Pourri to enhance all-over wellbeing. Simply drop the Essential Oil on the raw crystals and reap the benefits as they work together to diffuse sumptuous, long-lasting fragrance in your surroundings.
There is no need for heat, water or electricity, and no liquid is involved, making these elegant diffusers highly adaptable, portable and able to be used just about anywhere.
The Hearten Blend - Encapsulating the scent and effect of walking through AMLY’s organic wildflower meadow, Hearten is a sophisticated union of enlivening and uplifting florals. This exquisite blend includes Rose Otto, renowned for the bountiful number of petals needed to yield just a few millilitres of precious essential oil, delicate Jasmine and intoxicating oil of Neroli, distilled from the fragrant flowering blossoms of the orange tree.