Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022

We are so honoured and delighted to announce that we have been awarded Highly Commended for Best Sustainable Beauty, Health & Wellness Retailer at the Marie Claire Sustainability Awards 2022!

As a young and growing business, being recognised at this early stage by Marie Claire alongside a meticulous judging panel of over 50 global experts, leaders, business founders and activists, many of whom we have been looking up to for many years, means a great deal. It is so wonderful to be acknowledged for our efforts, dedication and commitments to sustainability by this prestigious award, which celebrate eco-conscious businesses who are making a difference and going the extra mile. What a tremendous honour and motivation to continue on our mission!

Thank you Marie Claire and the expert judging panel! A big thank you also to our customers, our wonderful community and supporters who are on this exciting journey with us. 

Here are a few of our beliefs and practices at Elysian Theory, that form part of our dedication to making a positive social and environmental impact:


As a conscious retailer we have a responsibility to do better, and to be and work with game-changers. At our very heart is the desire to cut through the greenwashing prevalent in the industry, guiding our customers towards conscious choices. With a non-judgmental and inclusive approach, we provide a transparent platform, educating and engaging our community, whilst bringing together the most exceptional beauty and lifestyle brands. 


We believe knowledge is power, that's why we provide an abundance of information alongside our products, so customers can make informed choices. We work with brands that are passionate about their principles and fully transparent about the sourcing, compositions and formulas of their products.

We are committed to making a true, meaningful and positive impact on our planet and community. For us, this means continually reviewing our operations to ensure we are always evolving towards being as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

Bestowing confidence 
on our customers, knowing that the products we stock have been carefully hand selected. We take pride in sourcing, testing and curating the best brands and products that not only are performance driven, but also conscious & sustainable.


  • All our formulas are 100% micro-plastic free
    • Elysian Theory Packaging: 100% plastic free
      • Brands' Packaging: 96% Plastic Free

      We are proud to have been the first retailer to include recycling guides next to every product we carry, stating clearly whether part of a package or vessel is recyclable or not. We have recently stepped it up, providing video recycling guides on a handful of products across our socials.

      We pride ourselves on sourcing the very best local, independent and high performing brands: Carefully choosing who comes through our doors, we try, test and vet, exclusively working with brands who are conscious of their environmental impact and translate this into the production of their products and packaging.

      While looking to reduce our footprint, packaging - more specifically plastic, is a large part of the equation. The lifecycle of every aspect of packaging used by the brands we stock, is taken into consideration. While sourcing, we made the decision to avoid so-called “green” biodegradable plastics, as we learned the infrastructure does not exist widely for them to be broken down. We are proud to be 96% plastic-free, making it easier for our customers by offering choices we believe are, on-balance, better for our wellbeing and environment.


      Our principles extend to our own operations: committing to environmentally responsible packaging within ET. Striving for circular materials, our boxes are made from 75% recycled cardboard, are recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. Our tissue paper, stickers and package fillers are all made from FSC certified materials and can be composted or recycled. Our thank you cards are made out of recycled fashion waste. We recently upgraded our packaging tape which is now made from 100% FSC recycled materials, with a non-toxic, water-activated adhesive, making it recyclable.


      We take pride in building a diverse and global community of brands and customers. As a female founded company, we know representation matters, so it is an important factor for us. We do not view the beauty & wellness industry through a gender focused lens. Simply put, Elysian Theory is for everyone.

      We strongly believe that together, with perspectives and expertise from all walks of life, we are at our best. Bringing together our collective knowledge in one place, to make a positive impact.


      Foundations: While we are committed to treading lightly on our planet, we also want to give back to our community in an active and meaningful way; by investing in people. We believe the biggest contribution we can make to our beautiful planet is into the development of the individual and have launched ‘Foundations’: a Social & Environmental Impact Fund. A percentage of every sale goes towards the fund.

      We call this Social Environmentalism

      "I believe that through the power of education, we can make a true, lasting and significant impact on many of the world’s sustainability and environmental challenges. The genesis for solutions, inventions and processes that can change the way we source, consume, and recycle products often begins with education, research and development."- Zara Beigi, Founder Elysian Theory

      A huge congratulations to our brands AKT for winning 'Best sustainable deodorant brand' & Juni Cosmetics for winning 'Best Sustainable-packaging for make-up'! We are very proud to carry thoughtful brands who put people and the planet first.