AMLY is the name of the ancient wildflower meadow that flourishes on their organic farm in the heart of the English countryside.

Founded by Kerry Moore and Lisa Smallpeice at Hawthbush Farm in Sussex, AMLY is inspired by the ancient English meadowland that incorporates unique mineral-rich spring water drawn from beneath Hawthbush farm.

"On discovering a source of pure mineral-rich spring water flowing beneath the meadow, enriching the plant life that grows on it, we knew we had the perfect beginnings for our, now award-winning, beauty products. In homage to the meadow we called our line AMLY.”

Both Kerry and Lisa’s love for everything health and beauty lead them to combine their knowledge of homeopathy, holistic health, art and organic living to create AMLY – which is named after the wildflower meadow.

AMLY skincare products harness the benefits of both the natural supply of silver-rich water from deep in the earth and the plants from the land, offering a solution to balance both skin and minds. 

AMLY is a modern expression of effective holistic skincare. Devoted to harnessing the health- and beauty-giving properties of nature, many of the plants they use thrive in their green and fertile fields, abundant hedge rows and flower-filled meadows. These natural ingredients, combined with new generation plant-based bioactives deliver outstanding results for skin health.

“Our formulations deliver in three key areas: RADIANCE, DETOX and SLEEP. AMLY is clean, sustainable, cruelty-free and scientifically proven. With up to 28 pure botanicals and highly concentrated bioactives in every product”

- Lisa& Kerry, Founders

“At AMLY we tread carefully. We make our products slowly and thoughtfully. The wildflower meadows, the hedgerows, the ancient woodland and the spring waters are our resource and we want not only to preserve them, but to shine a light on their conservation.”