Born and raised in Eastern Europe, HERBOWSKI founder Alisa, wanted to create a natural skincare and wellness brand that is sustainable and also innately biographical, with a sense of nostalgia and familiarity. It recalls tales from the Banya (bathhouse), a life in tune with nature, and the family, community and connection that comes with it. Every ingredient and scent chosen come from across Alisa’s history, childhood and adolescence. 

“You are introduced to Banya at a young age. It is a tradition and ritual of many generations. Every Saturday we would go to our communal bathhouse. My mother would prepare a traditional sea salt and honey scrub and recycled coffee grounds scrub. We would take essential oils, venik that my grandpa made, bar soap, body sponges and brushes, clay masks, creams and lotions, and litres of tea made with herbs grown and collected by my grandmother. You would spend there at least four hours and leave feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. By creating HERBOWSKI I really wanted to integrate my science knowledge with my heritage to elevate daily ritual of bathing and cleansing for every customer in the most sustainable and natural way possible.”

HERBOWSKI are Focused on 100% natural, raw, unrefined, organic ingredients sourced from artisan farmers and distillers, local when possible. They are fully committed to being a sustainable and plastic-free brand: Their product packaging is made from 100% post-consumer fibres, they use soy ink, glass and aluminium recyclable bottles. They also offset carbon footprint by investing in strategic forest preservation projects.

Alisa is a Chemistry graduate and Herbalist who develops all the formulations and manufactures products in her studio using traditional methods, all hand made in Kent. She sources all the ingredients from artisan pressers, distillers and farmers to assure freshness and quality of the final product. 

"Every top chef will tell you that a dish no matter how perfectly prepared, will not be able to reach its full potential without incorporating a high quality ingredient that is also unique in its self. Same in skincare, and it is my mission to find the best possible raw ingredients for Herbowski"

Alisa Zuravskaja - Founder, Herbowski