Harnessing the very best of what nature has to offer to create effective, results-driven formulas that naturally address a variety of skin concerns, whilst offering a mindful, luxurious and sensorial experience.

Winner of 'Brand to watch' at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021

“The intention was always to create a range of luxury, high-performance, organic skincare that would bring visible results but also offered more. And so, the d’still ritual was born. Through the mindful application of our skincare essentials, we are encouraging a slowing down of the mind and body and a reconnection to the self, our skin and nature."

- Ula Blocksage, Founder

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Guy Morgan

A fresh & elevated approach to natural skincare, founded on effective high quality certified organic ingredients & inclusivity to all genders.

"My products encourage you to slow down and appreciate the small, yet meaningful, gesture of each use as part of your daily rituals." 
Guy Morgan, Founder

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Juni Cosmetics

Award winning sophisticated lip care and colour formulas are designed to optimise lip health, using high performance active ingredients. Juni is the result of a relentless desire to create make-up and skincare products which are kind to you and the planet.

'I refuse to compromise when it comes to sustainability and was adamant that Juni must be 100% plastic free, so we had to innovate our own packaging.'

- Madeleine White, Founder

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With delicate natural scents, creamy textures and gentle clean-feel lathers, FYSHA invite you to embrace chemical-free beauty that cares. All their vegan formulas blend the finest quality clays, butters and food-grade, cold-pressed plant oils and there are no more than eight ingredients in each of their soaps.

"FYSHA was born from the union of two words; the ‘FYS’ from the Greek word ‘FYSI,’ meaning nature and the ‘HA’ from handmade. These two principles work in harmony to create our luxurious, nourishing soaps for face, body and hands."

- Amina Papadopoulos, Founder

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Lena Wild

Award winning skincare brand Lena Wild was inspired by a holistic approach to beauty and healing, and a strong desire to contribute to the change of the beauty industry.

"For us, it all started with the skin. We are on a mission to bring all the goodness nature has to offer to the body’s most expansive organ. The one that faces the everyday hustle and buzz of our lives, our skin works very hard to protect us and maintain our internal wellbeing." - Yelena Serebryakova, Founder

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Devoted to harnessing the health- & beauty-giving properties of nature, AMLY is a modern expression of effective holistic skincare. Lisa and Kerry instil and apply sensitivity and respect to everything that’s involved in the making of their award-winning natural beauty line: from the plants to the people; from the botanical alchemy to the low-impact packaging, in the knowledge that one part is only truly effective within the whole.

'We are in a unique position to be able to work so closely with the family of healing botanicals and plants that flourish here at the farm. The purity of the soil they grow in means we can harness their full healing potential, from petal to root.'

- Lisa & Kerry, Founders

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The AUGUST&PIERS debut collection celebrates a diverse range of personalities: Luxury scented candles inspired by the characters we are and the ones we love. Hand poured in the UK and 100% natural wax.

"At AUGUST&PIERS we exist to celebrate everyone’s individuality and honour the brilliance of all our quirks. So whoever you are and however you choose to express, we bow down and illuminate those unique differences. It’s our way of letting you know that you are recognised and appreciated for who you are." 

August & Piers, Founders

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"TANAKA has evolved from my favourite childhood pastime—I’m still playing and experimenting with natural ingredients, creating formulations that stimulate our senses and nourish our skin." - Leonara Manyangadze, Founder

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Sustainable fragrance specialists bringing vibrant and sensual scents to your personal and spiritual space.

"From scents that keep you grounded and mindful of the here and now, to fragrances that evoke escape to faraway places, we'll take you there, naturally."


Christel von Asplund, Founder

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A 100% recyclable, plastic and aluminium free, enriched proprietary blend of Fragrant Botanicals and Deo-Barrier Complex™ deodorant that keeps you feeling dry and confident all day long - without breaking character. Ever.

"Nothing worked for us and we literally tried everything! So, we decided to create one ourselves. The Deodorant Balm was literally “Born to Perform!"

-Ed Currie and Andy Coxon, Founders 

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ELYTRUM body brushes are ethically handcrafted using only natural fibres from sustainable plants, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth while increasing the skin’s ability to absorb your beauty products more effectively.

"When we achieve the highest level of wellbeing, we increase our confidence, we feel happier and healthier and find a sense of fulfilment and balance."

- Lenka Sopciakova, Founder

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Pairs Scotland

Sustainably sourced, Traditionally made in Britain, Hand finished and hand linked socks for comfort by a family run business and dedicated experts. Pairs Scotland create the highest quality socks. Their Alpaca Undyed collection is made out of sumptuously soft and warm fibres. 

These socks are truly unexpectedly joyful!  

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