True Social Environmentalism

At Elysian Theory we are looking beyond selecting already existing processes and technologies to support the ever evolving nature of being a responsible business.

Our impact fund allows us to support the creation of new environmentally friendly methods at seed level and beyond.

What better way than to invest in humans and our planet at the same time, building strong foundations for our future.

We call this Social Environmentalism.

"I believe that through the power of education, we can make a true, lasting and significant impact on many of the world’s sustainability and environmental challenges. The genesis for solutions, inventions and processes that can change the way we source, consume, and recycle products often begins with education, research and development. "

- Zara Beigi, Elysian Theory Founder

Access to Growth

Here in the UK we are lucky enough to have some of the leading and most progressive universities in the world.

However, access to this level of higher education is often financially inaccessible to many.

We believe this shouldn’t be the case, and this is where our fund can make a difference. We have big plans for how we will grow our fund and the areas in which we will target. Our intention is that it should support those who desire to pursue educational endeavours and projects that positively impact the environment; across school, university, and post-academic research levels.

We believe that investing across these educational levels is what will really make the difference in encouraging a new generation of positive change.

Investing in people & our planet

We will be donating 1% of every sale that is made on Elysian Theory towards the Fund, with customers having the option of donating more in the checkout when placing an order.

In this way our community will be part of this vision, and in shopping with us, will go on to make a lasting mark on the planet in a truly sustainable way.

We look forward to sharing more in this regard as we develop the fund, its road map and the projects that it will support, so please visit us here again to find out more on the progress. If you would like to get in touch with us, please do so via our contact link below.

We hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are about this endeavour, and join us in investing in game changers and our future.

Together, with encouragement, kindness & support, we can secure a better future.