Social Responsibility

We are committed to giving back to our community, while positively contributing to a more sustainable future.

We aim to do so through transparent and ethical behaviour and operations. Additionally we take on passionate brands who have the same views and goals.

We are currently identifying and working to implement this in the best possible way, by putting together our long-term goals which are focused on education and research. While our immediate and short term goals are focused on packaging and operations.

At the centre of our commitment is to make a true and meaningful impact, and not just one that will elevate our image, and do little for our society and environment.

Environmental Responsibility

We work with brands and founders who are conscious about their environmental impact, and translate this into the production and packaging of their products.

Similarly we do our best to use where possible, recycled and FSC certified materials. For e.g our promotional cards included in our packaging, are made out of recycled fashion waste.