Lena Wild

Lena Wild was co-founded by Yelena and Dany. The London based brand was born out of Yelena’s personal challenges with adult acne and the desire to find a way to deal with it.

After educating herself on skincare, nutrition for skin health and the basics of herbalism, Yelena completed studies of natural skincare formulation and became a formulator herself.

The foundations of this award winning skincare was inspired by Yelena's discovery of a holistic approach to beauty and healing, and a strong desire to contribute to the change of the
beauty industry.

As a trained formulator, Yelena is a real scholar in her field and at the top of her game. She creates nourishing holistic skincare with a dedicated passion; and as a sustainability advocate, pays equal attention to reducing environmental impact alongside keeping skin healthy.

"What I love about green beauty is that I continue to learn every day, by formulating products and advising others on healthier alternatives. That is my true motivation and passion. It feels like a dream, but I could only have found it by going through my journey. That it bloomed into this – it’s an opportunity I am beyond grateful to have."

"At Lena Wild we are passionate about nature and its gifts. Just as we love to care for the skin and health, we prioritise care towards the environment. From the ingredients, suppliers to packaging, we explore every alternative route to make our choices better. Promoting a realistic approach to beauty, we emphasise that the skin (and our body) is its own self-healing ecosystem. With gentle, nourishing care, alongside a healthy lifestyle, mind and balanced diet, the skin can experience incredible transformation."

- Yelena Serebryakova, Founder

"We believe and promote a holistic and realistic approach to beauty. Healthy skin is beautiful skin."

- Yelena Serebryakova