Pairs Scotland

Created by Alice and Anna who had the same vision to bring unexpected joy in the lives of their customers, while treading the path of sustainable, thoughtful wares, Pairs Scotland was born.

Like many, lockdown provided an alternative focus and a new position to view the world and their brand. Glimmers of joy came in the most unexpected places. It was the small things encountered at home with their families, removed from usual work and social commitments, that genuinely provided unexpected joy.  

Sustainably sourced, and traditionally made in Britain, Pairs Scotland create the highest quality socks. Their Alpaca Undyed collection is made out of sumptuously soft and warm fibres. Known as the noble fibre, the process of gathering the fleece from the hills of their native habitats in South America to your sock drawer is embedded with integrity at every stage of creation; making these socks an intelligent, slow fashion choice for those looking for an everyday luxury from a naturally renewable resource. These socks are truly unexpectedly joyful! 

"Unexpectedly Joyful Wares. Timeless, everyday luxuries. Traditionally and sustainably made in Britain."