Beauty: Redefined

At Elysian Theory, we welcome a fresh approach with natural and organic beauty and lifestyle products: We are a non-judgmental space, looking to make a true and meaningful impact on our community and environment, as opposed to only an image conscious one. Greenwashing and judgement delays a true and positive impact, and we want to create a space that educates and engages our community whilst bringing together the most exceptional beauty and lifestyle brands. Those that are at the apex of sustainability, luxury and performance.

Elysian Theory’s mission is to create a mindful and inclusive community, empowering them to be Clear, Conscious and Confident.

An inclusive space

At Elysian Theory we are exclusively inclusive.
We take pride in building a diverse and global community of brands and customers. We do not view the beauty industry through a gender focused lens. Simply put, Elysian Theory is for everyone.

We strongly believe that together with perspectives and expertise from all walks of life, we are at our best. Bringing together our collective knowledge in one place, to make a positive impact

Empowering our community

We believe that education and awareness is the key to mindful behaviour. That’s why we aim to use our platform to help people make the first step towards a more conscious and sustainable beauty regime.

Our industry is full of trendy buzz words, often overused and misleading. We set out to provide our customers with clear, transparent and jargon-free information; empowering them to make decisions and navigate the ever-changing ecosystem of products and formulas.