Amelia Baerlein and Tony North started APOTHEM in early 2018 on a quest to find a clean and reliable source of CBD in the UK when researching the category for a family member. There were so many products with little or no information available about how they were produced, where the ingredients were sourced from, or how they were cultivated so they decided to set a new standard and do things differently.

APOTHEM's collection of plant-based products, blends the very best quality hemp-derived CBD with handpicked botanicals, to create functional and effective formulas, that unlock the full potential of plant synergy.

From oral drops to body care, each product has been lovingly designed to fit around busy modern lifestyles.

From inception, APOTHEM has always worked with partners that use good manufacturing practices, only producing products that adhere to (or go beyond) regulation, and never compromising on quality in any way.

Botanical extracts: Making a conscious choice to keep it simple – only the best quality, organically cultivated THC-free CBD isolate is blended with carefully chosen plant-based ingredients to create ‘botanical synergy’. This is not just about the alchemy of CBD and botanicals, it’s about creating harmony within the body to promote optimum well-being, helping to restore your balance.

Working with certified partners to support existing farming communities, APOTHEM CBD can be traced from seed to plant to oil, so you always know exactly what’s inside.

Passionate about the natural wonder of botanical extracts, all of their formulas are original elixirs, blended with knowledge and research.

Winners of 9 awards at the global Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021