100% Plastic Free Brands

100% Plastic Free Brands

At Elysian Theory we are proud to say that we are 96% plastic free so far. By this we mean the materials we use and the products we stock. The majority of our brands are 100% plastic free and the materials we use are 99% plastic free.

Over 120 billion units of waste is produced a year from the beauty industry. The challenge being packaging, a significant proportion of which are made up of plastics. Only 9% of all plastic waste that has ever been produced has been recycled. 12% has been incinerated and the rest ends up in landfills or dumped into the natural environment. (Source -> beatthemicrobead.org)

Although the manufacturing of plastic is less carbon intensive than other materials, a lot of plastics are not biodegradable, and the ones which are, often times require additional treatment or bacteria to break them down. This additional treatment is often not implemented because of inefficiencies in the recycling system.

Simply being recyclable however, doesn’t say much about the life-cycle of a vessel, it doesn’t say about the end of life disposition.

All this to say, we understand the difficulty and the conundrums in recyclability, in biodegradability, and in reducing your carbon footprint. However when comparing the life-cycle, emissions and overall circular economy of various packaging materials, we believe that on balance the long-term impacts of plastic, have a more adverse effect on the environment.

We are proud to work with founders and brands who consider their materials and processes in the knowledge of their environmental impact, both up and downstream.

We want to introduce you to some of our brands who are, from packaging to vessel to formula (we see you sneaky microplastics!), 100 % plastic free.

Juni Cosmetics are leading the way with their luxury, high performing make-up that values the environment. Made with organic ingredients, 100% plastic-free, vegan as well as allergen, GM and cruelty-free, their bespoke vegan formula treat the lips using the best organic oils, vitamin e and botanical hyaluronic acid.

Their award winning sustainable, plastic-free lipstick bullet has been expertly crafted and is 100% recyclable. After months of trialling different ideas, they came up with a unique slide-mechanism in a 100% recyclable aluminium bullet.

 “I refuse to compromise when it comes to sustainability and was adamant that Juni must be 100% plastic free, so we had to innovate our own packaging.”

“We are honoured to have won a Silver award in the Luxury category of the 2020 Pentawards - the world's leading and most prestigious competition for packaging design." - Madeleine White, Founder of Juni Cosmetics

Tanaka, Natural Soap Bars, Elysian Theory

Tanaka make an incredible selection of bars of soap, to benefit skin health and boost wellbeing and, in doing so, rid the world of plastic waste. They are committed to using only 100% natural, cruelty-free ingredients, so you won’t find  SLS, parabens, synthetics or palm oil in their products.

Each bar is made, cured and packaged in London with intention and care.
Tanaka soaps are made in small batches using the cold-processed method and are wrapped in semi-transparent glassine paper (non-toxic, plastic-free, compostable) and sealed with a sticker made from FSC-approved paper.

Elytrum Dry Body Brushes, natural fibre body brushes, Elysian theory

Elytrum body brushes are ethically handcrafted using only natural fibres from sustainable plants, leaving your skin feeling silky soft and smooth while increasing the skin’s ability to absorb your beauty products more effectively.

Widely used in high-end spas, brushing with Elytrum's natural plant fibre body brushes, clear the skin of dead skin cells, improve tone and texture, and aid lymphatic drainage.

These beautiful and revitalising body brushes are made solely from natural fibres, serving you and the natural environment well. They come from sustainable and renewable resources, are biodegradable and carbon-neutral!

August and Piers Candles, London, Elysian Theory

AUGUST&PIERS’ luxury candles are truly a treat for the senses. Not only do their ceramic vessels make an elegant impact in your living space, the fragrances in their 100% natural wax candles, make just as big of an impact, transporting and elevating your senses.

Fascinated with fragrances from an early age, the founders are equally passionate about good design seen through their eye-catching FSC certified packaging created in collaboration with artist Petra Börner.

Akt deodorants, London, Elysian Theory, Akt Deodorant balms

AKT are a 100% recyclable plastic free packaging and aluminium free formula, enriched proprietary blend of Fragrant Botanicals and Deo-Barrier Complex™ deodorants, that keep you feeling dry and confident all day long.

Founded by two of West End's leading men, Ed Currie and Andy Coxon, AKT was born to perform! They met while performing eight shows a week under hot lights and in the same costume, day after day. They needed a deodorant that could keep up! The Result: a natural deodorant that truly works (really), and is 100% recyclable from vessel to packaging.

Fysha, natural soaps, olive oil soaps, palm free soaps, Elysian Theory London

FYSHA immaculately wrap their beautiful soaps in FSC approved packaging. Their vegan formulas blend the finest quality clays, butters and food-grade, cold-pressed olive oil, resulting in nourishing bars of soap that revitalise your skin and senses. There are no more than eight ingredients in each of their soaps, with every powerful ingredient helping to preserve the skin’s natural glow and enhancing nourishment.

Knotsy Brighton Trays and Bowls , London, Elysian Theory, interiors

Knotsy Brighton offers handmade, simple and timeless products. The concepts of ethically and locally sourced materials are important to founder Chantelle, and she tries to uphold these values within the brand. The result are these beautiful classic pieces made out of 100% cotton rope and wooden handles, the perfect home for our beloved possessions.