Five in Five with Guy Morgan

Five in Five with Guy Morgan

Before the restrictions were lifted, we had the pleasure of asking Guy Morgan, founder of meticulously formulated skincare line, Guy Morgan, five quick and lighthearted questions, for our Five in Five series: A series where we get to know inspiring people, including the founders of some of our curated brands.

Guy Morgan is a fresh & elevated approach to natural skincare, founded on effective, high quality, certified organic ingredients & inclusivity to all genders. He created his high performing collection, when he was in search of effective, natural skincare that didn't compromise his ideals and wasn't aggressively gender-based. It was important for him to encourage everyone, regardless of gender, race or age "to slow down and appreciate the small, yet meaningful, gesture of each use as part of your daily rituals." - Guy Morgan

Guy Morgan Skincare founder

From your collection, which product are you currently using the most right now? And why?

Dagger Rose Treatment Balm is my go to, I love it for its versatility. I use it on damp skin in place of a moisturiser, or apply a thicker layer over night for as a sleeping mask, waking up to radiant deeply nourished skin. It’s the ultimate pick me up!
Guy Morgan Dagger Rose treatment balm
What are you currently reading, watching or listening to?

I just found out the painter, Isabel Rawsthorne, through a newly launched book on her work. She was a star of the London art scene in the late 40s and 50s, her works finally getting the recognition it deserves! 

If you could learn a new skill instantly, what would it be?

I quite enjoy the learning process for most things, that being said I wish I had the natural flair to paint and draw.

What does your current self-care ritual look like / how do you wind down after a long day?

I try and view my skincare as not a routine, but a series of rituals. Even the act of applying product to skin can be seen as grounding, and connecting with your body.
I’m totally guilty for doing my evening skincare from the comfort of my own bed! 
Guy Morgan Gua Sha Stone
How are you nourishing your soul during these challenging times?

I’ve come to find learning Spanish (using Duolingo) a relaxing pastime. It’s usually late in the evening by the time I actually have some ‘me time’ to get my practise in, I’ve come to look forward to those moments! The sense of accomplishment is definitely nourishing, and breaks up the monotony.
Guy Morgan Skincare Line
Thank you so much Guy- You inspired us to move a selection of our skincare and Gua Sha to our bedside table, and we can truly say that it really makes sense- brilliant! Thanks for the tip :)

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