Five in Five with Lena Wild

Five in Five with Lena Wild

Welcome to our second 'Five in Five' - A series where we get to know inspiring people through five quick and lighthearted questions.

This time we had the pleasure of speaking to the inspirational founder and formulator of Lena Wild, Yelena.

Lena Wild is an award winning, natural skincare line which delivers real results. Her Harmony rescue mask and Bloom oil are true hero products, and the latest additions to her range, the lip care treatments, are also living up to this high bar that we love and are used to with Lena Wild.  

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From your collection, which product are you currently using the most right now? And why?

I use Harmony Bloom Oil and Chic Lip Care Treatment daily. Apart from enjoying the product benefits, I am staying consistent with self-face massages.
If I've had a bad nights sleep, which can happen, as I am in my last trimester of pregnancy, and I wake up a little puffy - I love to dedicate a few moments to my face, neck and chest. This beautiful self-care ritual brings instant results and uplifts my mood. 

I am very minimalist when it comes to makeup, which is why I love using Chic. It instantly provides comfort to my lips and makes them pop a little with a little gloss, which gives me a fresh look throughout the day.

What are you currently reading, watching or listening to?

A lot of pregnancy and parenthood books, all at the same time! One is 'Your Pregnancy Nutrition Guide' by Henrietta Norton and the other 'The Hypnobirthing Book' by Katherine Graves.

When I'm feeling low on energy, I put on some 90s or 00s music, sing-along and dance a little!

If you could learn a new skill instantly, what would it be?

Oh! I would love to dive deeper into Nutrition and Psychology. These are fundamental, not only to our wellbeing, but also to our beauty and skin. From my experience, I've found that most of the skin conditions and skin challenges are usually manifestations from the inside. Switching your skincare is a much simpler solution, but addressing lifestyle habits and emotional wellbeing can be challenging and long term work. Still, this approach will not just bring a glow, but also an overall balance and happiness!

What does your current self-care ritual look like / how do you wind down after a long day?

I love a bath and book time, with no technology. Herbal teas and home-cooked meals. Regular face mask treatments and face massages.

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How are you nourishing your soul during these challenging times?

I try to go out for a walk daily, even if it's just for 10 minutes. This recharges me and clears my mind instantly, no matter the weather- just fresh air and nature. Also, connecting with my loved ones as much as I can.

 Harmony bloom oil, harmony rescue mask, lena wild bloom oil and rescue mask, lena wild skincare, lena wild skincare elysian theory, natural and organic skincare elysian theory

Thank you so much Yelena! We can confirm that indulging in your products is a huge skin and mood booster. Now excuse us while we put on the Harmony Rescue Mask and turn on the greatest hits from the 90s & 00s! 😊

Discover the Harmony Bloom Oil Chic Lip Care and the rest of Lena Wild's award winning skincare on Elysian Theory.