A refreshed skincare routine for Spring. A step by step guide:

A refreshed skincare routine for Spring. A step by step guide:

The hope and excitement that spring brings us, along with the confetti of colours in the beautiful blooms is always so welcome after a cold and dark winter, and it couldn’t be more welcome after this winter past.

With quite literally brighter days, we are filled with excitement. How do we translate this exciting new feeling into our skincare though? And should you change up your entire routine and products? The simple answer is no. Listen to your skin and what it needs, and if your skin is responding well to your current routine, then there is really no need for you to do a complete overhaul on your routine and products. However with the warmer weather and more humidity in the air, you may find that you need to use smaller amounts of your skincare. 

To achieve the optimum results from your skincare and obtain a refreshed spring sunshine glow, follow these simple skincare steps:

Step 1: Cleanse

The first and most important step is to cleanse, and to cleanse thoroughly. With warmer weather, our sebum production is more likely to over-produce and so our skin can carry excess oils. Make sure you cleanse well, and if you are wearing makeup, always double cleanse! Here are some of the products we recommend to melt away the days pollution that has settled on your skin.

d’still - Calming Cleansing Balm

Rich in anti-oxidants and potent calming extracts, this gentle treatment cleanser/ mask, smooths over skin, effortlessly melting away make-up, excess oil and environmental debris. Your skin is left feeling soothed, healthy, cleansed and hydrated. This innovative balm-to-milk formula will feed your skin with anti-oxidants, whilst bringing a moment of sensorial pleasure to your daily skin/self-care ritual.

Guy Morgan - Dagger Rose Cleansing PowderGuy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder

A balancing blend of botanicals and minerals, to gently cleanse and polish skin. Activated by water, this powder formulation purges away impurities from pollution, and helps fight the damaging effects of free radicals, leaving skin truly renewed.

Step 2 : Exfoliate

Exfoliating is the next and equally as important step as cleansing. This step ensures the removal of any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, boosting the blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. It also makes the appearance of your skin even and brighter. Other exfoliating benefits include your skincare to be absorbed more and thus to be more effective. Regular exfoliation keeps your pores unclogged, resulting in less breakouts. 

The Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder also does a fantastic job exfoliating your skin while cleansing! A two in one if you will. We recommend using this beautiful cleanser in small circular motions to reach all the areas of your face and to encourage cell renewal. 

d'still - Brightening Radiance Mask 

A concentrated, skin-brightening mask packed with ingredients which help tone and restore radiance for a healthier, smoother and softer complexion. Natural fruit enzymes, Vitamin C and salicylic acid (BHA) work in synergy to fade discolouration and post-acne marks, decongest the pores, sweep away dead skin cells and remove excess sebum. Used once to twice weekly, this innovative powder-to-mousse mask will boost the efficiency of your skin/self-care ritual

Lena Wild - Harmony Rescue Mask

This facial mask combines mineral rich, detoxifying White and Green Clays with natural and organic plant actives to deeply cleanse, detoxify and brighten skin. Its harmonising formulation helps reduce inflammation and aids in promoting the skin’s ability to heal and renew itself. 

Herbaceous, earthy and calming when in powder form, with the slightest hint of sweetness which comes from Camu Camu berry. When you activate it with water, aroma intensifies and turns more green and herbaceous with notes from Wild-grown Lavender and Yarrow, topped up with the refreshing aroma of Matcha Green Tea. 

Step 3: Hydrate, Glow and Radiate

Next up its applying nourishment and hydration to your skin. Warm up your serum, oil and or moisturiser between your hands and gently pat onto your skin, for the best absorbing method. Ideally apply to damp skin as this encourages for your skincare to be absorbed and retained easier than on dry skin.

d'still - Rejuvenating Botanical Serum 

Winner of 'Best Serum (dry skin)' at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021
Harnessing the power of some of the world’s most nutrient-rich botanicals, including bakuchiol (nature’s alternative to retinol) and acmella oleracea (nature's alternative to botox), this golden elixir has been formulated without the use of heavy ingredients, allowing it to be enjoyed by all skin types. An alchemic combination of 29 potent ingredients, this ultimate glow, multi-correctional, phyto-retinol serum helps to restore radiance, encourage cellular renewal and improve the texture of your skin.

 AMLY - City Screen Face Serum

Winner of 'Best Anti-Pollution Beauty Product' at The Beauty Shortlist Awards 2021
An antidote to urban grime, this unisex daily defence leaves your skin clear, cushioned and looking healthy. With the champion active ingredient Echinacea, the youth of skin cells and  skin’s resilience is heightened and prolonged against environmental pollution.  Detoxifying, balancing and strengthening as it goes. Urban stress melts away as the skin feeds on antioxidants Gotu Kola and Green Tea, which work with collagen-boosting Marine compounds and hydration-enhancing Squalane. Purifying Niaouli and reviving White Willow help purge cells of impurities to pave the way for a dewy, wholesome countenance.

Guy Morgan - Dagger Rose Face Oil
A transformative blend of antioxidant and omega rich organic botanicals, to fortify skin against damaging environmental stressors and promote fresh radiant skin. Formulated to soothe inflammation, help uneven tone, and enhance skins elasticity.

Lena Wild - Harmony Bloom Oil
Beauty Shortlist 2019 Award Winner in Best Facial Oil Age 30+
A harmonising blend of organically grown plant oils and CO2-extracted Nordic berries. Sea Buckthorn, Cranberry and Blackcurrant help smooth the complexion and restore balance. This oil is carefully formulated with skin-clearing essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and gamma-linolenic acid and powerful antioxidants to fight the oxidative damage.

A Gently floral aroma comes from Geranium and wild-grown Lavender. It is rounded with warm notes of Rose and Jasmin. This bouquet is uplifted with soft citrus notes of Grapefruit and Sweet Orange. Balanced, delicate scent to elevate your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Step 4: Add a touch of sunshine with

Juni Cosmetics - No. 3, Sunshine, The Capsule Collection


Think long, hazy summer days, linen dresses and Pimm’s and lemonade. A vibrant yet easy-to-wear pinky-coral and the perfect happy shade to brighten your look.

A lipstick with skincare benefits; Juni’s Luxury Hydrating Lipstick has been formulated with the best organic oils, vitamin e and botanical hyaluronic acid to be intensely hydrating. Experience full coverage and a satin finish in a comfortable yet long-wearing lipstick.

Juni lipsticks are vegan friendly, fragrance free and GM free, making them suitable for even the most sensitive lips. Proudly housed in bespoke, plastic-free and recyclable bullets, Juni is the sustainable option; good for you and the planet.

 Lena wild lip treatments – NUDE

A balm that combines the protective powers of Coconut, Raspberry and Shea to comfort delicate lips. Calendula and Oat extracts to further support the recovery of dry, rough skin, for softer and plumper lips. It helps to seal in the moisture of the lips and keep them protected.

The nude is fragrance and essential oil free. Slightly sweet, warm and comforting notes come from Coconut, Plum and Beeswax. A silky balm texture, when applied to the lips it creates a thin protective layer that feels light and soft. For a touch of subtle colour go for the Chic.


Uplifting, slightly citrusy aroma of Blood Orange with a touch of sweetness from Wild Benzoin combined with gentle almond-like aroma of Plum oil. A silky balm texture, when applied to the lips it creates a thin protective layer that feels light and soft

Step 5: End of the day, Cleanse and Relax

And we're back to cleansing the day's pollution away! Following this, hydrate and replenish your skin in preparation for your beauty sleep. 

 AMLY - Sleep Tight Rejuvenating Face Balm
The perfect bedtime ritual. From evening until daybreak, heaven-sent Propolis extract (‘bee glue’) replenishes the skin, defying fine lines and wrinkles. Anoint the face with this skin-comforting nocturnal nectar to unleash the powerful vitamins and nourishing fatty acids found in a bountiful number of soothing oils: Kukui, Borage, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Seabuckthorn and Argan. Then sleep easy while this velvety balm coaxes overnight cellular renewal and youthful suppleness. 

 AMLY - Beauty Sleep Silver Rich Face Mist
A saviour for fatigued skin, Beauty Sleep Face Mist is a powerful youth-promoting bedtime essential that encourages natural healing sleep while boosting overnight collagen production and DNA repair. Ageing is kept at bay thanks to AMLY’s treasured mineral-rich spring water, laden with rejuvenating botanicals and essential oils reputed for their beautifying and soporific properties. This precious blend is then imbued with scientifically proven natural bioactive compounds that switch on the skin’s longevity genes. And, to further indulge the senses, sublime floral waters of Neroli, Lavender and Geranium create a delicately dreamy floral scent.