Sustainability, what does it mean exactly?

Sustainability, what does it mean exactly?

For starters, Sustainability is the current trendy guy in town. We use this word as well, because we work with conscious brands, who are mindful of their impact on the environment. We will never use it to greenwash and suggest that our practices are perfect. (Greenwashing is so destructive to the cause!)
Ultimately, sustainability is a very complex topic.

To truly be sustainable, one must look at the entire life cycle of a product, from sourcing > manufacturing > distribution > use > end of life.

When we started digging deeper to better understand sustainability, we ended up wanting to hide under the covers, because everything that we thought we knew was the “better” option, wasn’t necessarily as straight forward and as “green” as we believed.

Simply swapping out materials, without looking at the carbon footprint is not necessarily the best environmental / green choice. After spending time looking at graphs and formulas we didn’t entirely understand,( yes, we’re that committed! 🤓) we realised that with so many pros and cons in the supply chain, there is no perfect solution. However, what is clear is that considering materials and processes in the knowledge of their environmental impact both up and downstream is essential.

Ultimately the goal is to make us all think about what we are buying, to be conscious and mindful of where our products are from, how they will be used, and where they might end up.

This is why at Elysian Theory, we only work with founders and brands, who with passion and integrity are dedicated to doing better; little by little, reducing the impact the beauty industry has on our planet