Modern lifestyle has brought with it the curse of the ‘S- word’- ‘STRESS’. Stress is arguably the biggest scourge for perhaps everyone in the 21st century; all the more so for ladies. Survey shows that 74% of UK adults find it hard to cope with their stress levels, with women leading the charts, and work and career being the leading cause. Stress leads to high levels of cortisol in your blood which makes you age much faster than you need to. That’s Scary, even if you are not worried much about your looks, Isn’t it?

Dark circles, wrinkles, dull skin, fatigue, restlessness are some of the early signs of aging, which some of you might have started noticing and perhaps desperately tried to find some quick fixes for. But does such a fix even exist for something that is a biological mandate that is accentuated by the unavoidably stressful lifestyles that we all are compelled to live? How effective would it be? Would it work for you? Yes ! Yes !! Yes !!!

Keeping in mind your busy schedule and acknowledging the fact that some of you might have no idea how to go about it, we have come up with a workable, foolproof, time tested ritual for you. All you need is to fix a few hours of any one day of the week (a weekend or day-off would be perfect) for yourself. But before we tell you about these beauty rituals, let us brief you on how and why it will benefit you. In your day to day life your mind and body goes into a hyperdrive, constantly making you mentally and physically exhausted. This starts to reflect on your skin making you look dull and pale. This takes a heavy toll on your performance and confidence. All the rituals suggested below will help you relax and invigorate your senses. These will not only soothe your nerves and prepare you to take the coming week by its horns but will also enliven your skin and make you look fresh as daisies.

By now you all must be really pumped. So without any further ado let’s get started with the life transforming beauty rituals we have collated for you.

Fix the Date and Stay Prepared

First and foremost decide the day of the week, mark it in your calendar and stay committed to it. Day before the ritual, prepare yourself mentally and make sure you have arranged all the prerequisites so as to avoid last minute panics. Remember it’s your NO-STRESS day.

Envelope Yourself in a Calm Environment

Make sure you have no external disturbances. A good aroma, dimmed lights and some soft pleasant music (preferably, birds chirping or rainfall) will evoke all your senses at once and will put the mood right. For aroma you can try AUGUST & PIERS - scented candles. Feel free to choose the one that suits your taste, from their diverse collection.

A long Bath is What You Need

An inevitable part of any beauty ritual is a long and relaxing bath. Do not hurry! Avoid harsh soaps, and instead use organic soaps or shower gels. Let bathing be a meditative experience, where you let-go of all your tensions and enjoy every moment. You can enjoy your warm shower with FYSHA - 100% vegan solid soaps. What makes FYSHA soaps stand out is the way it's tailor-made using all organic ingredients and each bar of soap is antioxidant rich, giving you a perfect cleansing and nourishing experience at the same time.

Wind Up With the Face Oil and Seal Your Beauty

Face oils are usually derived from plant oils and help refurbish the damage
caused by daily exposure of skin to UV radiation. Make sure that the face oil you
use has Vitamin E and protective antioxidants as their ingredients. As these two
are really essential to reduce skin inflammation, restore skin elasticity and
radiance. Dagger Rose Face Oil by Guy Morgan

has all these properties and gives your skin freshness of a rose. Application of a few
drops of face oil with the help of Gua Sha Stone by Guy Morgan
helps Spread it evenly through your skin pores.

Bonus Tips

1. Drink lots of water : Have lots and lots of water throughout the day, preferably with lemon and honey. Lemon being rich in Vitamin C and honey having richness of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. It will help detox your body and your skin will glow naturally.

2. Beauty Sleep : A good night's sleep is not only a good way to wind up your ritual day but is also a must to put that final cherry on the cake. Now you are all set to peak your performance for the coming week.

To make this ritual even more ease filled, we get you a tailor made selection of all the products that you need in one basket : Elysian Theory, Rituals, Revive. So gear up ladies! Time to get your charm back !