Lisa and Kerry are the founders of AMLY Botanical Skincare. In 2015 they came together to celebrate the beautiful botanicals grown on the AMLY farm, infusing their skincare brand with a sense of purpose and wellbeing.  

AMLY is a modern British skincare brand that elegantly unites the power of untamed nature and age-old wisdoms with leading bioactive intelligence. Using the produce from their very own beautiful organic farm in East Sussex they are able to harness the natural ingredients to their full potential.

"At AMLY we want to make things simple. Our products are designed to promote good skin health and a balanced mind. Some are tailored to develop radiance, some to combat the signs of screen fatigue and some to ease you through the night with ingredients that encourage soothing sleep. There’s enough to think about without having to navigate complex skincare analyses and regimes. Select your skincare for your lifestyle need and how it makes you feel."

Lisa and Kerry combine enthusiasm for the natural world and knowledge of holistic therapies into a celebration of the unique botanical makeup of their organic farm in the English countryside. Combining their expertise, they share the aromatherapeutic and bioactive goodness of the farm’s wildflower meadows, ancient woodland and hedgerows in thoughtfully-crafted products and mindful rituals.

"Transparency and integrity is at the heart of everything we do. By raising the profile of England’s botanical heritage we shine a light on the need for its preservation, while respectfully making use of the land’s bounty to create clean, sustainably-packaged wellbeing solutions that are innovative, effective and easy to use"

- Lisa & Kerry, Founders of Amly

Envelope Yourself in a Calm Environment

Make sure you have no external disturbances. A good aroma, dimmed lights and some soft pleasant music (preferably, birds chirping or rainfall) will evoke all your senses at once and will put the mood right. For aroma you can try AUGUST & PIERS - scented candles. Feel free to choose the one that suits your taste, from their diverse collection.

A long Bath is What You Need

An inevitable part of any beauty ritual is a long and relaxing bath. Do not hurry! Avoid harsh soaps, and instead use organic soaps or shower gels. Let bathing be a meditative experience, where you let-go of all your tensions and enjoy every moment. You can enjoy your warm shower with FYSHA - 100% vegan solid soaps. What makes FYSHA soaps stand out is the way it's tailor-made using all organic ingredients and each bar of soap is antioxidant rich, giving you a perfect cleansing and nourishing experience at the same time.

Wind Up With the Face Oil and Seal Your Beauty

Face oils are usually derived from plant oils and help refurbish the damage
caused by daily exposure of skin to UV radiation. Make sure that the face oil you
use has Vitamin E and protective antioxidants as their ingredients. As these two
are really essential to reduce skin inflammation, restore skin elasticity and
radiance. Dagger Rose Face Oil by Guy Morgan

has all these properties and gives your skin freshness of a rose. Application of a few
drops of face oil with the help of Gua Sha Stone by Guy Morgan
helps Spread it evenly through your skin pores.

Bonus Tips

1. Drink lots of water : Have lots and lots of water throughout the day, preferably with lemon and honey. Lemon being rich in Vitamin C and honey having richness of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. It will help detox your body and your skin will glow naturally.

2. Beauty Sleep : A good night's sleep is not only a good way to wind up your ritual day but is also a must to put that final cherry on the cake. Now you are all set to peak your performance for the coming week.

To make this ritual even more ease filled, we get you a tailor made selection of all the products that you need in one basket : Elysian Theory, Rituals, Revive. So gear up ladies! Time to get your charm back !