A routine for calm - How sensory experiences support relaxation

A routine for calm - How sensory experiences support relaxation

To cope with stress, increase your productivity or simply bring peace to your mind and body, having your own relaxation routine has never been more important in the fast-paced environment we live in. Whether it's first thing in the morning, after a busy day or even right before bedtime, there is no wrong moment to take a break and start your relaxation process. There are hundreds of methods to relax depending on each sensibility and sensitivity. As research has shown, teasing your senses can help you destress and recharge more easily. Including sensory inputs in your daily routine, brings you back to your most primal and regressive instincts, a state often reassuring and soothing.

"We have 5 senses but countless possibilities to stimulate them. By being mindful of your senses, you will understand their superpowers."

The Protective Power of Smell:

Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder
Various research and clinical studies have found that aromas can have a positive impact on your emotional state. Inhaling specific smells can help you focus and achieve a state of wholeness. Whether it is:

A lotion with a scent that makes you feel particularly peaceful or one that brings you back memories like a pleasant bath. The delicate aroma of roses as found in the Guy Morgan Dagger Rose Cleansing Powder evokes for many people the comforting childhood memories of blooming gardens.

Natural incense cones
Lighting scented candles or burning some incense can create a real soothing, even hypnotic atmosphere. We highly recommend the VON Mandarin Incense Cones, as citrus flavours are known to reduce stress.

A practical and efficient alternative are also room fragrances. Go for the Spray version of the VON incense cones or choose the aesthetically pleasing AMLY Luxurious Room Fragrance Set: Ground for its warm and calming undertones of Cedarwood and Niaouli.

AMLY botanical fragrance crystal set
And while you let your favourite scent linger, meditating or simply breathing deeply has proven its effectiveness in achieving a state of serenity.

The comforting sense of taste:

Likewise, using flavours that awaken your senses can help focus and shift away from difficult emotions. For instance, spicy, sweet and sour can alert you and quickly turn your attention to sensations.

The emotional force of sound:

Listening to music can help you control your moods. Our breathing and heart rate respond naturally to musical rhythms. Listening to songs that have 60 beats per minute can set you in a relaxed state of awareness. We have put together a Spotify playlist 'This is Elysian' of our favourite tunes to wind down too. Click here to have a listen!

The distractive power of sight:

August and Piers Candles luxury candles
Try considering what kind of visual input soothes you and surround yourself with it. Our advice: dim the lights, put flowers in a vase and light a candle for an easily pleasing display. Our favourites are the AUGUST&PIERS, debut collection for their sensual fragrances and clean aesthetic.

The reassuring quality of touch:

Guy Morgan Gua Sha stone and Guy morgan Dagger rose face oil
As the largest organ of your body, the skin is the most sensitive receptor to external stimulus, making it an extremely powerful tool to calm. It is proven that deep pressure can be effectively grounding and relaxing.

A good self-massage with an ELYTRUM Revive Body Brush followed by a balm is very beneficial for self-awareness. If you prefer the feeling of oils, go for the Guy Morgan - Dagger Rose Face Oil paired with the famous Gua Sha stone and gently massage your face.

Water is another way that can help you feel instant relief. It can come from soaking in a warm bath and scrubbing with a bar of soap like the TANAKA Healing Bar Soap. Containing poppy seeds, it will bring you a pleasant exfoliation.

You can also give your skin a warm touch by simply changing into your most comfortable clothes. Slip on a pair of Alpaca Socks from Pairs Scotland and you will get the comforting feeling of walking on clouds.

For those new to this practice, we gathered our relaxing essentials in a set to get you started with a pre-made and tested selection: The Elysian Theory, Rituals, Revive.

You now have everything you need to create your own soothing routine tailored to your senses!
As sensibility is relative to one another, we'd love to hear from you: share your own combination of our products, using the #ElysianRituals.